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The official magazine of the League Manager’s Association (LMA) ‘’The Manager’’ represents the collective voice of all the best football managers from within the Premier League, the Sky Bet Championship and, of course, the Sky Bet Leagues both One and Two.

Offering a rare and insightful look into the world of football management, the magazine is published four times a year and is packed with a wealth of one of a kind views and rich life experiences, shared with us from top LMA members from across the divisions.

Not to mention all the other experts, which have been gathered in order to give extra weight and gravitas to such a great magazine, which is so rich in content.

The magazine is helpfully split up into three sections:

Leadership & Management

Lifestyle & Wellbeing

And – Pitch Side

Each one of these sections covers elements from the four principles of LMA learning:


Your Team

The Game

And – The Industry

So you will gain an awesome new view of all the ins and outs of this glorious game.

We can’t recommend this fantastic Magazine App enough!

Go check it out today!

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