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The hype is on for World Cup 2018

On 14 June 2018, the 21st edition of the most loved international football tournament kicks off in Russia. With a line-up of 32 competing countries worldwide, this year’s World Cup promises to be an exhilarating experience for all football fans.

The recent announcement of the 35-man squads has fueled speculation as the football coaches are expected to narrow down the teams to 23 players by 4 June. In the meantime, the tickets for the football matches in Russia are selling like hot cakes.

Up to now

When the World Cup was held on European soil it always seemed to attract a European win. It remains to be seen, however, whether Russian territory will eventually bring luck to European or non-European squads. Hard to imagine Russia, as a host country, winning the football championship but World Cups always bring in surprises or dismay.

From all the competing teams, Brazil is the only country that has never missed to play in the World Cup. They can humbly boast a five-fold World Cup win, three of which they won in Latin America. The odds are that with a strong team, they are highly likely to make it for the semi-finals. Will the Brazilian team manage to beat the living daylights out of Germany, with whom it suffered a bitter defeat of 1-7 in the semi-finals of World Cup 2014?

Germany, from its part, is determined to defend its World Cup title from 2014, when they beat Argentina 1-0 in the final on extra time. Meanwhile, fans of England also have their high hopes. The only time England won a World Cup was when they were host in 1966. World Cup 2014 saw this team’s worst ever performance. Hopefully this time round they can manage to pump up their stardom.

There is still time to wait and see.

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