LMA Hall of Fame

The League Managers Association is by definition an elite group of managers, but it also aims to be a comprehensive organization catering for all its members. English football is remarkably successful and even in the lower divisions, teams are competitive and moving from one league to the other is no easy thing to do. It is only natural for the most successful one to enjoy a long tenure, while others have to settle for a temporary gig, but only the best of the best make it into the LMA Hall of Fame.LMA Hall of Fame

This is the ultimate select crown, with only 37 managers being a part and even though the list is slowly but steadily growing, new entries are not all that numerous. Managers need to prove their worth over many years and even though they can make a name for themselves outside the British islands, their accomplishments in English football weigh heavily in the balance.

A total of 10 managers are still guiding teams but some of them no longer coach in England, but decided to put their skills to good use abroad. Even though this looks like a capricious and arbitrary situation, there is a good reason for why their names will forever remain on the LMA Hall of Fame. Only time will tell whether they will return to manage English teams or if their work here is done, because as long as they remain in this line of work, they will remain attractive for clubs seeking the ultimate managers.

The list is kept up to date and new names are added whenever the League Managers Association decides that a new coach is entitled to join the Hall of Famers. For the time being, we keep you up to date with whatever the LMA decides and visitors can check out the names of those who made it this far.