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In highly competitive environments such as the Premier League, things change quickly and managers are always under tremendous pressure to deliver. As domestic leagues go, the English ones are fairly stable and managers are not sacked so quickly, but this doesn’t mean that they can dwell on success or take a soft stance on failure.

There is no place here for the weak and those who are not competitive leave their seats to better ones, but not all the rumors are to be trusted. The news section of the League Managers is the place where readers distinguish between facts and gossip and get the heads-up about what will happen in British football. By monitoring closely the statements made by the managers themselves as well as the LMA, we bring you the freshest and most accurate information all the time.LMA News

While those who fail to meet expectations are pushed out of the way, the most effective managers enjoy a long lasting career and collect prestigious prizes. The Sky Bet Manager of the Month Awards are the ultimate recognition for those managers who enjoy a hot streak. Just as the name suggests, the LMA awards this prize on a monthly basis and not only Premier League managers win a prize, but also those who coach a successful team playing in a lower division.

In February, Uwe Rösler was the manager of the month for his performance with Wigan Athletic and the achievement that propelled him to the top was the hot streak at DW Stadium. The hosts are hardly one of the best teams in the league, but they won 4 out of 5 games nonetheless and they are back in the race for promotion. The Championship is more competitive than ever and teams can’t afford too many false steps, but with Uwe Rösler at the helm, Wigan has a decent chance at returning among the best English teams.

Sheffield United manager Nigel Clough won the prize for his performance in the Sky Bet League 1 where his team kept no less than 4 clean sheets. Not allowing goals in the lower divisions is an achievement itself, but Nigel accomplished far more than preventing his opponents from scoring. Sheffield United was at one point concerned about the prospect of relegation, but they are back in the fray and entitled to be optimistic about what the foreseeable future will bring.

David Flitcroft won the Sky Bet League 2 Manager of the Month for February and he has plenty of reasons to celebrate. This trophy is merely a confirmation of his smart plays, including the acquisitions of talented players that brought Bury back on track. The team collected 11 points over the span and was invincible, something that hasn’t happened in years. This hot streak came at the best possible time for Bury as Sky Bet League 2 is very competitive and a few victories in a row can make the difference.