LMA Prominent Events

Every now and then, the League Managers Association hosts special events destined to celebrate the most successful managers, legendary players or major competitions. These events bring together the very best managers and they take place in various locations all over England, with the only constant being their irresistible allure. The decision to host a new event is made discretely, but those who frequently visit this website will be the first to know about upcoming festivities.LMA Prominent Events

So far, the League Managers Association attached its name to the ones of prestigious players turned coaches, hosted charitable events and annual dinners where the most important people in English football were invited. Back in 2008, the LMA organized a tribute to Sir Bobby Robson and just a few months later brought together Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson in a fantastic ceremony. These are two of the longest serving managers and their presence on the set generated tremendous interest.

The LMA President’s dinner is also an event worth talking about and over the time it had some glamorous guests, including Fabio Capello, Davin Moyes, Carlo Ancelotti and of course, Sir Alex Ferguson. These festive moments bring together managers that wrote and some still write history for their clubs, so they are a treat for those who follow English football week after week.

Once a year, the League Managers Association announces the winner of the LMA awards and a couple of the aforementioned managers were the proud recipients of these trophies. The events are announced several weeks before their actually take place, but even so, many prospective viewers miss out due to lack of adequate sources. http://www.leaguemanagers.co.uk will keep you up to date with all these events and many more, so remember to check out this page whenever curious about what the LMA might be up to.