Top 10 Football Managers of All Time

A Football manager is the most important aspect of the game. Not only does he need to make sure that his players are fit and his team’s game-play is top notch, he also has to study patterns of other teams. It is more philological and strategic than most people think and often these managers don’t receive enough praise.

If a team wins, fans remember and talk about the heroes than kicked the goal to victory but when a team loses, the blame get’s dumped on the manager. Although there are many coaches that deserve to be on this list, below are the 10 best football managers of all time.

10. Roberto Mancini  Mancini

Mancini started his career in 2001, which was the start of a very successful career that saw him coach top teams such as Manchester City and Inter Milan. The Italian football manager has 26  international and domestic trophies to boast with and is referred to as a cup specialist. Mancini is currently coaching the Russian football club FC Zenit Saint Petersburg and despite starting only in 2007, the team has seen an incredible improvement.

  • Mancini’s Track Record:

Inter Milan 2004 – 2008: 61.95% wins

Manchester City 2009 – 2013: 59.16% wins

Galatasaray 2013 – 2014: 52.17% wins

Zenit Saint Petersburg 2017 – present: 51.22% wins

9. Jürgen KloppJurgen Klopp

Klopp started his career by playing for Mainz 05 and soon after started his managerial career with the same club. The German manager coached 15 seasons in the Bundesliga before taking the leap to Liverpool in 2015. The great successes of Mohamed Salah, Adam Lallana and Roberto Firmino occurred under his incredible guidance.

Klopp’s Best Win Rates:

Borussia Dortmund 2008 – 2015: 56.3% wins

Liverpool 2015 – present: 53.3% wins

Mainz 05 2001 – 2008: 40.4% wins

8. Manuel Pellegrini Manuel_Pellegrini

Pellegrini started his coaching career at Villarreal in 2004 where he had many successes. In 2009, the popular Real Madrid reeled him in to be their manager that saw Los Blancos make 96 points in the La Liga in Pellegrini’s first season as coach. In 2013, he started his career at Manchester City and after an incredibly successful career at the club, he moved to the Hebei China in 2016.

Pellegrini’s Best Win Rates:

Real Madrid 2009 – 2010: 75% wins

Manchester City 2013 – 2016: 59.9% wins

Villarreal 2004 – 2009: 47.5% wins

Hebei China Fortune 2016 – present: 43.2% wins

7. Antonio ConteAntonio_Conte

The Italian football manager has coached the Italian national team as well as many other (incredibly rich) football clubs. He implemented the 3 – 5 – 2 formation in the Juventus squad in 2011 which earned him great respect. Conte is currently coaching the Premier League squad, Chelsea.

Conte’s Best Win Rates:

Juventus 2011 – 2014: 67.1% wins

Chelsea 2016 – present: 65.3% wins

Italy 2014 – 2016: 56% wins

Siena 2010 – 2011: 50% wins

6. Giovanni Trapattoni Giovanni_Trapattoni

This brilliant manager is one of only five to win league titles in four European countries and if that isn’t enough, Trapattoni also led his teams to the title of all three major European club competitions. Munich, Bayern, AC Milan and Inter Milan are all clubs that ‘Trap’ (as he is referred to) has coached.

Trapattoni Best Win Rates:

Benfica 2004 – 2005: 56.86% wins

Italy 2000 – 2004: 56.82% wins

Red Bull Salzburg 2006 – 2008: 55.17% wins

Juventus 1976 – 1986: 54.22% wins

5. Pep Guardiola  Pep_Guardiola

The Spaniard had a very successful football career himself and it is thanks to him that the brilliant Lionel Messi graced the sport of football. He is currently coaching Manchester City but started his successful career at Barcelona B in 2007, which followed by Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Guardiola’s Best Win Rates:

Bayern Munich 2013 – 2016: 75.2% wins

Barcelona 2008 – 2012: 72.5% wins

Manchester City 2016 – present: 67.9% wins

Barcelona B 2007 – 2008: 65.8% wins

4. Arsène Wenger Arsene_Wenger

Dubbed ‘Le Professeur, Wenger had a massive impact on the diet and training systems of English football players and is regarded as the best EPL coach in history. He managed Arsenal for two decades but recently retired on a high note. He also had major successes while coaching other teams like AS Nancy, AS Monaco and Nagoya Grampus Eight.

Wenger’s Best Win Rates:

Arsenal 1996 – present: 57.3% wins

Nagoya Grampus Eight 1995 – 1996: 56.3% wins

AS Monaco 1987 – 1994: 48.9% wins

AS Nancy 1984 – 1987: 28.9% wins

3. Jose Mourinhojose mourhino

This list would not be complete without the eccentric Mourinho. He had a brief football career himself but started his managerial career in 1994 as assistant manager of Porto. His career exploded and saw him coach some of the best teams such as Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, which was the highlight of his career. The coach that has achieved at least one trophy every year between 2003 – 2012 is currently coaching Manchester United.

Mourinho’s Best Win Rates:

Real Madrid 2010 – 2013: 71.9% wins

Porto 2002 – 2004: 71.7% wins

Chelsea 2004 – 2007: 67% wins

Manchester United 2016 – present: 62.6% wins

2. Carlo Ancelotti  Carlo_Ancelotti

It’s obvious that Ancelotti holds the second place for the best football managers of all time as he holds the record for winning the UEFA Champions league 4 times. His managerial portfolio includes highly respected teams such as Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and AC Milan. Ancelotti also won 4 out of 5 of Europe’s top leagues after his career started in 1995.

Ancelotti’s Best Win Rates:

Real Madrid 2013 – 2015: 74.79% wins

Bayern Munich 2016 – 2017: 70% wins

Paris St. Germain 2011 – 2013: 63.64% wins

Chelsea 2009 – 2011: 61.47% wins

1. Sir Alex Ferguson   Sir Alex Ferguson

Yes, you guessed it; Alex Ferguson is without a doubt the best football manager of all time. He started his career in 1974 with East Stirlingshire, which was followed by St Mirren and Aberdeen FC. In 1985 he coached the Scottish national football team and joined Manchester United in 1986 where he earned great respect during his 26-year career at the Red Devils. Legendary players like Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo grew while under his guidance.

Ferguson’s Best Win Rates:

Manchester United 1986 – 2013: 59.7% wins

Aberdeen FC 1978 – 1986:59.3% wins

East Stirlingshire 1974 – 1974: 52. 9% wins

St Mirren 1974 – 1978: 43.8% wins